Sunday, 20 October 2013

Learning to Wallpaper

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to have JCH's parents come to stay & the mission had been set to wallpaper the Den.  After finishing the stripping and uncovering the beautiful old fire we were super keen to carry on and complete a room.  It isn't quite finished yet, day jobs have been keeping us both busy of late but we're definitely on our way.

Having never wallpapered before and both being somewhat on the short side, it was great to have 2 experienced bods showing us what to do.  Some people would have had the room plastered but we figure its an old house and the lumps and bumps just add to its character.  Hopefully we won't live to regret it!

Top Tip of the Day!  Get yourself a bright light bulb that you just use for decorating - it makes life a lot easier being able to see what you're doing properly.  The folks brought a 150 watt bulb with them that they've had for years and its been great.

Paste and paper ready we were all set to go.

Wallpapering is a tricky old business that takes a lot more thought than I'd given it credit for.  Which way to hang the paper, where to have the joins, getting the right amount of paste...thankfully we were in good hands.

And now to the painting!  We both agreed that the green had to go, and decided to go for lining paper and paint rather than any snazzy wallpaper.  Our colour inspiration came from Pinterest, where I'd seen a picture of a bright yellow window frame that looked just lovely.  So without too much debate we decided to go for whiteish walls and yellow woodwork - window, skirting boards etc.  Only slightly more boring than light fitting shopping was white paint shopping, and when I say white, I mean one of seemingly hundreds of different colours that basically all look the same when on a wall.  We've just finished painting the wood and are loving the brightness it has brought into our home.

It's so bright but I love it!  Next job, sanding the floor...

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